Had a coke and a smile. Who remembers that commercial from back in the 80′s? Mean Joe Green.

Spent several hours at Panera Bread this afternoon doing some more PTSD research. Still in the book discussed the other day, got quite a bit done. Many interesting insights. Met for an hour with my first client in the peer counseling program at Lee Memorial Hospital’s Brain Trauma Unit. Fascinating discussion, a lot of similarities. More later when I’m able to process things. Had a few notes written beforehand of things to say; instead we just had an introductory visit.

Actually, maybe that’s all that should be said at this point. Any more would make me depressed. LOL That right there is a very common characteristic, the depression and negative thinking, for TBI’s. One thing I think we discussed (the unit nurse was on site this first time, too) was how the brain is so pliable, or gets easily bounced around. We must take caution. Another generality is that no two brain injuries are the same; and have the same effects. Right-hemisphere, left-hemisphere, great. Still they are all unique. What remains amazing is that the human body and spirit is resilient. Some of us have been blessed to recover to a great extent.

Just as no two injuries are the same and absolutely parallel, the exact spot of injury and impairment and penetration to the brain differs. I’m sure classifying them as left or right hemispheric acts as a guideline. Though it would be worth noting that in some cases one has more or less of one hemisphere’s characteristics and some, more, or less of the other hemisphere’s, too. I’m told that mine was a massive closed head injury, a subdural hematoma. Oxygen-deprived for many long minutes. My father, also a physician, stated my brain as being catastrophically damaged. He said you couldn’t specifically say left or right side. It was smashed, the whole thing.

Excited to be going to Lee Memorial’s second TBI support group tomorrow evening. Eager to hear the presentation. The nurse I sat by today is the featured speaker:)

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