At lunch today, the restaurant manager and kind personal friend, Randy, introduced me to a fine couple. Along with the other patrons, I had noticed them being seated. I had such a pleasant conversation with Mr. Joe and Jane Doe. It’s not everyday someone inquires of your life story, your testimony, how you became you. They agreed with me in God’s sovereignty and how He orchestrates each event in our lives. Despairingly, I listened to what had transpired for Miss Jane. I say despairingly because I was shocked. It welled the empathy right out of me. I’m sure the grievous circumstances has made, or is making, my sweet friend who she is.

From our brief time together, before she had to get to therapy, my heart was tugged. Here is what I remember. Jane was biking along one of the country roads when a car slammed into her, breaking nearly every bone in her body. God is holding her together; and Mr. Joe is a sweetheart. He has assumed the role of caregiver, helping her navigate in and out of her wheelchair and so forth. It looks like he is doing the (many) little things for her. As one with what others may consider an infirmity, I would echo on or for Miss Jane’s behalf, they are not little things for us. We’re grateful for you, our caregivers, spouses, and friends. Thank you, Dana, Mr. Joe, and everyone, our angels in disguise.

Be thankful, regardless.

(Names changed for anonymity.)


  1. When Derek came over to introduce himself, my first thought was “here’s someone who cares.” My second was, after noticing some subtle residuals of what must have been a terrible injury, “he’s been through it and done more than survived.” We only had a brief time to talk as I was due for a physical therapy appointment but it was more than enough time to recognize that his journey has encompassed a powerful spiritual healing as well as physical.. The empathy between us was palpable, and I can only hope that indicates a similar path for me in the days (or months) to come.

    As interesting aside, Joe and I sat at the table closest to a woman on a walker. She and I exchanged good wishes and understanding before she left shortly afterwards, I think before Derek arrived and sat at the next closest place. What drew us all together?

    As we left, Derek went out of his way to help us out. Joe, being the manly sort and thinking that he could “do it all,” didn’t understand the healing power of helping others, nevertheless it ended our short visit with all of us feeling better than when we arrived. Derek, I wish you the best.

      • Derek

      • September 16, 2015

      • 2:54 pm

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      Thank you for the kind words. Best wishes, and stay in touch. My daughter and I will be here October 9-16. Maybe we can meet at Zaxby’s again. “”

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